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BSafes Tutorials, Part VI - Folder

BSafes Tutorials, Part VI - Folder

11.3. Folder

Now we will look at a Folder. A Folder is a collection of pages that you can create in a different order. First, create a folder by clicking the Folder option when creating a new item.

Image by nastya_gepp from Pixabay

Add a Folder

After selecting the folder, you must enter a folder name as shown below and press Create.

Folder Title

After creating a folder, you would see the folder cover page, as shown below. Here you can edit the title, add tags, or open the folder to start adding pages.

Folder Cover

Now let’s start working inside the folder. For this, click the Open button shown on the right side of the folder.

After clicking the open button, you would see the contents page, as shown below.

Folder Contents

Create your first page inside a folder, press the blue plus icon, and select page from the prompt shown below.

Add a Page

After clicking on the Page option, you would see a prompt to enter the page title. Enter the title and press create to create the page inside the folder, as shown below.

Page Title

You will see the page when you press the Create button, as shown below. Here you can write, add attachments, links, tags, etc. as shown below.

Folder Page

To create another page, click the plus icon in the top right corner of the black bar. It will give you an option to create the new page after or before the current page.

Add another Page

If you click either option, you will see a prompt to enter the new page’s name, as shown below.

Page Title

Similarly, as you created the first page, you will enter the name of your choice and press Create to add the second page.

Now, if you want to view all the pages, click the bullets icon on the top left of the black bar, as shown below.

Go to Contents

You will see all pages, as shown below.

Folder Contents

To create additional pages in the folder relative to the previous pages, click the plus sign on the right side of the page’s name. Like before, you can set its location before or after the selected page, as shown below.

Add Additional Pages

Similar to other item types, you can search contents in folders in two ways. The first way is to search inside the folder by clicking the search icon on the top black search bar’s right, as shown below.

Search in a Folder

Now when you click the search icon, you are prompt with a search field where you can enter the title or tag as shown below.

Enter Text then Search

The other search method is to go to the main page and use the search function below.

Search in a Workspace