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BSafes Tutorials, Part V - Diary

BSafes Tutorials, Part V - Diary

11.2. Diary

Now we will look at how a diary works. To create a diary, click the Diary option when choosing which type of item to make, as shown below.

Image by stevepb from Pixabay

Add a Diary

A diary is a collection of pages ordered by date. After clicking the Diary option, you would see a prompt to enter the diary title.

Diary Title

Next, enter your desired diary name, as shown below.

Diary Title

After choosing an appropriate name for your diary, press Create. After that, it would go to the first page.

Diary Page

The diary’s page is the same as a regular page with the addition of date as additional information. Other functionalities are the same as you can enter tags, title, content, etc., as shown below.

Page Contents

Go to the next date of the diary by press the right black arrow in the white box. It takes you to the next page, as shown below.

Next Day

A unique feature of the diary is that the pages can be created for the past dates too. To do that, press the left side black arrow on the white box. It will take you to the previous dates, as shown below.

Previous Day

To view notes easily for a specific date, click the calendar icon on the black bar’s top right and choose any date, as shown below. It helps to navigate your diary easily.

Choose Any Date

To view all the pages created in the diary, click the bullet icon on the black bar’s top left. It takes you to the diary Contents page, as shown below.

Diary Contents

Here you can easily see all the diary pages for September. If we want to navigate to other months or years, we press the calendar icon on the top black bar and choose any month or year, as shown above.

Furthermore, if you press the diary icon on the top black bar’s left corner, you will be taken to the diary’s cover page, as shown below.

Diary Cover

You can edit the diary title, enter tags, or open the diary by clicking the open icon.

There are multiple ways to search for content from a diary. The first one is to search inside the diary. For this, open the contents page and click the search icon on the top black bar’s right, as shown below.

Search in a Diary

When you click on the search icon, you would see a search bar, as shown below. Here, enter the tags or title you want to search and press the search icon.

Search in a Diary

The second method to search diaries is to search from the main page. For this, go to a workspace and enter the title or tags you want to explore, as shown below.

Search in a Workspace