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BSafes Tutorials, Part III - Members and Teams

BSafes Tutorials, Part III - Members and Teams

8. Add a member

The Account owner could add members to an account. Once a member completes his or her key-creation step, he or she has a dedicated workspace. Then a member can join or create other teams. To add a member, click on the top right corner where you see your initial; and then click Members.

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Teams Page

Add member name and set the password for it and then click the Done button.

Add a Team Member

Give the account URL and the credential to the member, and tell the member to complete the key-creation step.

Account URL and Nickname

9. Add a Team:

Similarly, like a personal workspace, there’s a team workspace where members can collaborate and can have the option or facility to work mutually. Any member could create teams and invite other members to join. Once you login to BSafes, you get a Teams page. Click “+” to add a new one.

Add a Team

Write the name of the Team and click create to save the Team.

Name of a Team

Once you create a team, select the Team to open its workspace. The below image shows the Team’s workspace, where you can add members, list the latest activities, and add items.

Team Workspace

10. Introducing a Team workspace:

Every Team has its workspace. You can add members to a team by clicking on the “Members” option below the team name in the workspace, so click on Members to add.

Team Workspace

On clicking “Members,” you’ll get the below screen. Click on the “+” button to add a new member to Team.

Team Members

Clicking “+” you’ll get the screen shown below and add the member finally. Please note that a new member needs to complete the key-creation step so you can add him or her to a team.

Add Team Members

Moreover, you can also add items to the team workspace, click on the “+” button and add things like page, notebook, diary, Box, and folder.

Add items